10 Ways To Guarantee Your Parents Will Let You Study Abroad

Getting into a foreign university for higher studies itself is a long and difficult process. Preparing for exams like IELTS and TOEFL, applying for the visa, sending applications to different universities, writing convincing emails to the right person – it is indeed a very tedious process. Sometimes, it takes years of preparation. So, when you are planning to study abroad, you want someone to support you throughout this difficult journey. And who could be the best to support you except your parents? But then, there are parents who cannot even comprehend the thought of letting you go to a foreign land. So, how do you guarantee your parents will let you study abroad?

Here are 10 tips to make sure they do:

  1. If you are still in school or college, you have got more time to convince your parents. Pull up your socks and take your studies seriously. Give your best to score maximum in your board exams, college exams or any other competitive exams. If you are an academic kind of person, show it to them. It will be easier for you to convince your parents later when you tell them that you want to study abroad. And it is needless to say that having higher scores also helps in getting into the best universities.

If you are already done with your school and college here and are planning to go abroad, say next year, tell your parents the benefits of studying abroad, and how it will add weightage to your academic profile.

  1. Your parents might be worried about your expenses of studying abroad. They might be concerned about how you are going to manage your finances. Research properly and work a budget. Include every expense, from tuition fees to monthly expenditure, in your budget. Tell them how you are planning to stick to that budget.
  2. If you have friends who are already studying abroad, introduce one or two of them to your parents. Remember, your parents need all sorts of assurance that a foreign country and university is safe and beneficial for you before letting you go. So, getting them speak to your friends might help.
  3. Leave behind a list of contact details, like addresses and phone numbers of your friends and department, so that your parents can get in touch with you when you are not directly available for some reason.
  4. Convince them that you are capable of living on your own. Like it or not, your parents still think that you are a kid. So, you need to prove that you are self-reliant. Show them that you can manage yourself.
  5. Show them the professional benefits and growth prospects of having a degree from a foreign university.
  6. Tell them how studying in a foreign university, getting to know a new culture, taking care of your health, managing the house, facing the world all by yourself will help in your overall development.
  7. Assure them that you will not get into any trouble and that you will take precautionary steps to stay safe in every step of your life in the foreign country. You have to convince them that you want to go abroad for studying and this is your only goal.
  8. Promise your parents that you will stay in touch. You will talk to them every day.
  9. Lastly, tell your parents sincerely how much studying abroad means to you.

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