Don’t Wreck Your High with a DUI

We’re all familiar with the old drinking and driving fable. You drank one too many. There’s no other way home. You’ve been warned again and again about drinking and driving, but you make the mistake anyway. Now, you’ve lost your license, you have to pay a hefty fine, and the letters D, U, and I are on your permanent record.

Although we’ve all heard this one before, there is a new DUI making its way into popular culture. With the legalization of weed in multiple states, driving under the influence of marijuana is a new and unknown type of impaired driving. So, it is important to know the dangers and consequences of this new danger to our roadways.

First, what does driving under the influence of marijuana do to you? First, there is the slow reaction time. If you have ever been stoned, you know the feeling of time slowing down and of things feeling a little delayed. Now, imagine that feeling with one hundred headlights coming at you. On top of delayed reaction times, there is the feeling of time and distance becoming warped. See that exit sign coming up? Before you know it, it is right above you and you will have to swerve to make the turn. Then, there’s the drowsiness. Although alcohol can really make you fall asleep, marijuana has a drowsy effect equally as strong. Unless you feel comfortable taking a nap on the shoulder of a highway, consider calling a taxi after you’ve hit that massive bong. If you’d like more side effects of marijuana use, check out more symptoms¬†here.

Now, let’s look at it from the opposite perspective. You are driving your family around and a car bumps into you from behind. You get out of the car and what do you see? A teenage kid who is stoned out of his mind. What is your next action going to be?

In the same way a lot of people don’t know about the effects of driving while under the influence of marijuana, a lot of people do not know what to do once they are involved in one of these accidents. There can be a lot of damage associated with driving under the influence of marijuana; specifically, damage to your car, personal injury, missed work, and emotional trauma.

Thankfully, there is one law firm dedicated to telling you what you need to know in the case of a marijuana DUI accident. The Ladah Law Firm’s blog gives you the answers you are looking for. From free consultations to up to date DUI law policies, this blog is your one stop shop for marijuana DUI’s.

So, don’t be in the dark when it comes to your safety on the roadways. With marijuana becoming more popular, driving under the influence of marijuana is becoming just as popular. You do not want to risk your life, your family members’ lives, or the lives of the people around you. Get informed and feel secure when you are driving through our always evolving world.


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